READI Systems provides technical consulting in the areas of system design, security planning, and integration services for Government and commercial businesses. These clients depend on our objective, credible services and superior designs in the area of secure distributed systems, which are based on applying system engineering principles that promote highly available secure computing environments.  Our approach to service delivery and monitoring of results promotes sustainable resource decision making. READI Systems is a provider of expertise in all phases of the system lifecycle including development and operational support, security assessments, staff augmentations, and providing highly available systems designs. We are experienced professionals supporting system requirements gathering, design, and system rapid implementation of point solutions or entire system development efforts with emphasis on system design and reviews. 

READI Systems security assessments are customer engagements that help the client understand their operational readiness in key areas.  Our staff will work alongside key information security professionals in your organization to understand how computer systems have been designed, operated and help your professionals become better equipped to secure sensitive data and promote enterprise resilence.

Each of our assessments and analytical efforts will come with preliminary findings, recommendations, risk analysis and when it comes to implementing corrective action we will work with your team to reduce risk by working with management to identify a plan of action to improve operations.  READI Systems is unique as it employs system engineers and administrators who have professional qualifications in both vendor solutions and security credentials. 

We can assess what is known, discovery what is not, correct misconfigurations and identify gaps in operations and corporate governance to support the client’s computer corporate use statement.




Provide critical analysis of Federal and Commercial customer computing environments by identifying sensitive data concerns and provide adaptive solutions to secure their equities and foster better information technology efficiencies.  READI Systems specializes in measurable results by developing detailed requirements, achievable schedules for corrective measures to the existing enterprise and facilitate the integration of new technology solutions to help scale operations to include virtualization of existing infrastructure investments with minimal production impact.


Business Focus Areas:


Cyber Security – Awareness, Remediation and Design Integration

Cloud Service Provider Solutions evaluations and adaptation services.

Infrastructure Operations Optimization and reconstitution audits.

Information Technology Governance – Regulatory Compliance and Testing, System Integration and Program Management (Efficiency in execution and time to deploy)

Risk management and Cost benefit analysis based on customer mission imperatives.



Core Competency


Security Design

            Web enabled data access solutions

Secure Identity and Access Management integration

            Data storage solutions and reconstitution services integration

            Hardening existing enterprise data flows

            Network perimeter designs to enforce corporate data policies

System integration and agile technology insertion

            Reverse engineering of existing operations

            Perform gap analysis of data access controls and historical availability

            Establish requirements for enhancing continuity of operations

            Acceleration of return on investment by active cost benefit analysis

Enterprise virtualization and disaster recovery designs

            Cost reduction to operate and maintain traditional datacenter operations

            Develop a road map to hybrid cloud service solutions

Capacity planning and performance analysis of COTS and developed software

Code execution and memory analysis

Live Memory forensic and post mortem analysis of system compromise

Cyber Security Engineering

Security Compliance evaluations and testing (NIST Risk Management Framework and Security Compliance and Governance models adopt by IC/DOD), ISO 27001, PCI and HIPAA

Penetration testing

Insider Threat Analysis

Brand Reconnaissance Analysis of Public Domain information

Infrastructure adaptation for continuous and remote security monitoring

Global Mission Operations and Maintenance

Administration of storage, network and computing platforms

Automated anomaly detection of system and behavioral events

High availability and geographically disperse failover solutions



Product and Services Catalog:


·        Enterprise vulnerability assessments

Using a combination of network scans and credentialed host based scans aggregate a network topology, perimeter defense posture and host specific findings with a get well suite of recommendations

·        Sensitive data protection analysis

Looking at how the enterprise using information technology to provide access control and auditing mechanism with an emphasis on technical and procedural controls to protect and identify poor business practices or unauthorized activities by customer personnel.

·        Availability and reconstitution services

An in depth engineering review of critical infrastructure and applications looking for potential single points of failure or design flaws that could lead to data lost or prolonged recovery of operations.

·        Cyber incident response and operational readiness review

Assess existing security configurations, log collection and the ability to detection of security baseline changes. 

·        Business exposure analysis

Develop an extranet and supplier connectivity profile.  Using remote reconnaissance and mapping tools look for web application vulnerabilities and potential brand reputation issues.


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