READI Systems provides technical consulting in the areas of system design, security planning, and integration services for Government and commercial businesses. These clients depend on our objective, credible services and superior designs in the area of secure distributed systems, which are based on applying system engineering principles that promote highly available secure computing environments.  Our approach to service delivery and monitoring of results promotes sustainable resource decision making. READI Systems is a provider of expertise in all phases of the system lifecycle including development and operational support, security assessments, staff augmentations, and providing highly available systems designs. We are experienced professionals supporting system requirements gathering, design, and system rapid implementation of point solutions or entire system development efforts with emphasis on system design and reviews. 

READI Systems security assessments are customer engagements that help the client understand their operational readiness in key areas.  Our staff will work alongside key information security professionals in your organization to understand how computer systems have been designed, operated and help your professionals become better equipped to secure sensitive data and promote enterprise resilence.

Each of our assessments and analytical efforts will come with preliminary findings, recommendations, risk analysis and when it comes to implementing corrective action we will work with your team to reduce risk by working with management to identify a plan of action to improve operations.  READI Systems is unique as it employs system engineers and administrators who have professional qualifications in both vendor solutions and security credentials. 

We can assess what is known, discovery what is not, correct misconfigurations and identify gaps in operations and corporate governance to support the client’s computer corporate use statement.